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Suggestion Gold Room V2

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1Suggestion Gold Room V2 Empty Suggestion Gold Room V2 on Wed Nov 07, 2012 3:44 pm


Ok so kanina nag Gold room ako puro orange nakukuha.

Some Positive Feedback sa Gold Room v1.
- Skills are available.
- Agressive Mob( GS char will do)

Some Nega
- @go command is disabled( Not Sure )
- Like what i said puro Orange nakukuha ko.
- Some mob dont drop something.

Ok @ the Suggestion.

Lets Change the Mobs from Gold peco peco to Gold Dokebi.
Map? kayo bahala..

Ok ganto.

Main Features ng Gold Room V2.

-Gold loot rate will be base depending on the party member.

So for example If your hunting on your own 1 Gold Dokebi = 1 Gold.

But If you will hunt With a Party Consisting of 5 Members = each Player will Get the same amount of the members they have so 1 Gold Dokebi = 1 Gold( normal rate ) + 5 Gold ( Party Bonus)

- A 30 minute event Will be automatically host in the Gold Room EVERY AFTER WoE. For 30 mins drop rate of gold will be increase to 50% if you are in a party.

So for example you are 10 = 1 dokebi = 1 gold ( Normal Drop) 10 ( party Bonus) + 50% event rate = 22 gold.

BUT if you are solo hunting it will be the same drop rate 1 mob = 1 gold so its better to hunt with your friends than become greedy on gold.

Need to be change.

Disable Splash Damage from Card/equip/weapons.
Disable Skills.
Enable @go Command.

Next Suggestion Bibigyan ng value ang Zeny para hindi mag karoon ng Gold Bug. Smile

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