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Suggestion MVP NPC

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1Suggestion MVP NPC Empty Suggestion MVP NPC on Tue Nov 06, 2012 11:10 pm


Ok tagalog muna wala panaman akong nakitang foreign eh so allowed naman siguro mag tagalog..
Siguro lahat ng players na nandito kaya ng mag hunt ng MVP Mob..

why dont we give a value sa mga MVP kills natin and Give a variety of Points each MVP boss depends on the level.


Yung mga hindi gaanong kahirapan na MVP gives 1-3 points.
yung mga mejo mahirap naman 4-6
tapos yung mga super hirap na yung mga respawn time is 2 hours or more at super hirap i kill 7-10 Mvp points.
Ano ang gagawin sa mga points.
MVP points = Different Items/something


100 MVP points = 10pcs Bloody Branch/ 50 pcs Bubble Gum.
200 MVP = (name it)
yung mga 5000 MVP points = Equipments( Name it Also )
and yung mga 10000-20000 MVP points = Donate items.

Whats the use of this?

Yung mga masisipag mag online can do this serving as past time.

Also Newbies who cannot afford the donation can be active
to Hunt Low level mvp to have 1-3 Points.

Eh kung hindi maka kill INVITE YOUR FRIENDS 3:)

This is for now. If you have doubts/violent reaction/additional suggestion about this post/Something you want to change for the better FEEL FREE TO DROP A REPLY.

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2Suggestion MVP NPC Empty Re: Suggestion MVP NPC on Wed Nov 07, 2012 3:07 pm


Nice Suggest Bro ^_^

Medyo Mahirap hirap na Script yan.. pero gawan ko din yan ng paraan ^_^

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