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Propose Event Suggestion

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1Propose Event Suggestion Empty Propose Event Suggestion on Sat Nov 24, 2012 3:14 pm

Ok i hope this will be approve.

Ok i know this will be very Hard but its for the server please COOPERATE.

A while ago one player requested me to summon Wounded Morroc / Satan Morroc he said its so hard to kill.

Here is the requirment

Party Consisting of 2 Players only ( 1 Old Player and 1 NEW PLAYER ) its a new Player not new CHARACTER. ok?


I ll summon the Satan Morroc / Wounded Morroc and the 1st party who will kill it wins.


This will remain secret But i assure you the prizes are worth it both for the Old Player and New player.

Please Guys Specially the Old players Cooperate on this event IF admin will approve it.

This is a way to increase our population so please dont cheat.


How to know if you win?
if you killed the Satan morroc a MVP notification will pop up above your char + a Text Notification will be showned on the chatbox so Just take a Screenshot > Upload > post the image link here.

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