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OFFICIAL Game Masters Rules and Regulations

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1OFFICIAL Game Masters Rules and Regulations Empty OFFICIAL Game Masters Rules and Regulations on Sun Oct 21, 2012 5:30 pm


1) Refrain from extreme usage of abusive and/or FOUL LANGUAGES. ( Extremely Prohibited! )

2) Do not harass the players of the server.

3) Do not use your GM Account to take Revenge.

4) Do not ask for items to Higher level GM's.

5) Do not ask to Refine your Equips.

6) Do not let other players use your items ( Extremely Prohibited! )

7) Do not Pass your Items gave to you by the Higher GM. ( Extremely Prohibited! )

Cool Do not use the Event prizes for your own. ( Extremely Prohibited! )

9) Do not SELL the items you Borrowed or Given to you. ( Extremely Prohibited! )

10) Respect Each Other.

11) Do not Abuse GM Commands.

12) Do not Abuse Kindness of each other.

13) Do not create another GM Character to Use in Server ( Use the Character Registered in the Team )

14) Do not break my rules, my policies, my Events.

15) Report errors and bugs Immediately.

16) Do not Advertise other server in our Community ( " You can also advertise other server, only in other advertisement sites ")

17) Hired GM's are not Permanent but Good performance stays in the team, Bad Performance will be Demoted or Kick in the Team (It Depends on the Situation)

18) Hired GM's Must Be Online according to your available hours based on your Application Form.

OFFICIAL Game Masters Rules and Regulations Gravysig

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