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GM Application Form

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1 GM Application Form on Mon Oct 08, 2012 5:04 am



Name : <Your real name here>

In-Game Name : <Your In-Game Name>( Your main character )

Age : <Your Age>

Country : <Where you live>

Languages : <The languages you speak> ( English, German, Brazilian etc. )

Gender : <Male/Female>

Timezone : <What time zone your in> ( Like GMT +2 )

Days/Hours Available : Like 10/7 ( Hours a day/Days a week )

What sort of GM : <What GM type you want to be> ( Like Support, GM Helper etc. )

Experience : <What you know about Ragnarok> ( You need to know most of the commands, if not, learn them. )

Why : <Why you want to be a GM> ( Make it touching. *tears of joy* xP )

E-mail / MSN : <Your adress> ( Hotmail, Yahoo, Gmail etc. )

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2 Re: GM Application Form on Tue Oct 16, 2012 3:29 pm





Age : 19



Gender : MALE

Timezone : GMT + 8

Days/Hours Available : 12/6 ( online always if there is no classes/ always online at night)


Experience :I've already become a gm in other past servers and I have ample knowledge of the GM commands. I'm creative in terms of creating events that would truely make our events unique, it will surely be something that will set us apart from other servers.

Why : Because I believe that I can be a good gm,I can serve our server well and make the players happy through my events. and lastly I love to play this game so I can assure the server that I will be an active gm.

E-mail / MSN : chris _ cu 53 @yahoo . com

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3 GM application form on Mon Oct 22, 2012 2:30 am


Name : Nickson Tan

In-Game Name : Nickson

Age : 18

Country : Philippines

Languages : english,tagalog,fookien

Gender : M

Timezone : GMT + 8

Days/Hours Available : 5-8hrs/7(always online pag wala sa school)

What sort of GM : Police/Helper/Event

Experience : played about 8-9 years , been to around 20+ private servers.

Why : 2 reasons
1) Help
2) Enjoy

E-mail / MSN : [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]

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Name : Franz Ralph Delcastillo

In-Game Name : Znarf

Age : 15

Country : Philippines

Languages : English, Tagalog

Gender : Male

Timezone : GMT+8
Days/Hours Available : 10hours(always online pag wala sa school)

What sort of GM : I want to be an Even GM Smile

Experience : Played about since Grade 5 until now... I also know alot of commands...

Why : I want to be a Event GM/GM to help people in game and to share my experience in playing RO and most of all so that Players will have FUN and ENJOY the game...

E-mail / MSN : frenzyralphy@yahoo(.com.ph)

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5 Application on Mon Oct 22, 2012 9:37 pm


Name : Rene

In-Game Name : ??

Age : 19

Country : Caribean

Languages : English and Spanish fluently, and I can understand Portuguese and French.

Gender : Male

Timezone : UTC -4

Days/Hours Available :4/6

What sort of GM : The open positions are support and event, so I guess Event.

Experience : I'm a developer, scripter, coder, support, and I handle public relations pretty easily, I've helped many servers grow such as NamelessRO, ForsakenRO, DivinityRO, BurnRO, GenesisRO, and so on, since I got my ways to bring the boys to the yard.

Why : To kill time, let the tears fall.

phone: 18294213601 for contact.

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6 GM APPLICATION FORM: on Mon Oct 29, 2012 1:15 am


Name : Jerwin Tan

In-Game Name : Strong (main character)

Age : 19



Gender : male

Timezone : GMT + 8

Days/Hours Available : 5-10 Hrs

What sort of GM : i want to be an Event or POLICE GM

Experience : Played about since high school until now... , , been to around 5+ private servers.

Why : enjoy and help so that Players will have FUN and ENJOY the game... Very Happy

E-mail / MSN : jerwin _ moyano _ aics @y.c

Smile Smile Smile

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7 GM Registration on Sat Nov 03, 2012 10:44 am


Name : Catungal, Edrick Allen

In-Game Name : Sojiro

Age : 18

Country : Manila, PH

Languages : English, Chinese and Tagalog.

Gender : Male

Timezone : GMT +8

Days/Hours Available : (7-9)hours/7days

What sort of GM : GM Event/Support/Helper/Police

Experience : I started playing PH Ragnarok at the age of 10. I stayed in pRO server for 3 years, locked myself up exploring the Midgard.I stopped for a year and continued palying Ragnarok @ different private servers, I entered 6thsense,Pulse,MyRO etc. I've tried being a GM after a year or two. I started being a Helper to Police and ended up being Event GM for the remaining years. By being a GM I don't just help players, I don't give them things that makes them lazy. Playing in a Private Server already boosts a huge advantage. I'm strict in things and I hold due responsibility in all things.

Why : I want to Boost the Population, Increase the demand of the server and be a well guided GM for the players. Being Active is one key.

E-mail / MSN : [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]/catungal.edrick@dlsu.ph

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8 Re: GM Application Form on Tue Nov 06, 2012 5:12 am



Name : Arnaz De Jesus

In-Game Name : Vito Scalleta (main)

Age : 16

Country : Philippines

Languages : English Tagalog

Gender : Male

Timezone : GMT+ 8

Days/Hours Available : 14/5(Monday to Friday) 8 hours( Saturday) 5 hours( sunday ) Dependes on my School Sched.or Personal Sched.

What sort of GM : I want to Be A Event GM/Support/Development something/ Forum mod

Experience : I played some Private RO but i stayed long there coz i dont play many RO at the same time i want to focus on one game. If your asking for commands Google is just there. Just understand the use of the command and your already good. Honestly I dont have any Experience of being a staff in a RO server but i have a lot of experience being a GM/Co-admin/Sometimes-developer/FM From other Games.

Why : Why do i want to become a GM? First as everybody says... I want to give enjoyment and Happiness to the players... Second I want to Share my knowledge from the other game being as a GM( i dont have any intention Hooking your players dont worry) also personal experience will do Smile. Third as everybody says I want to help this community grow fast as i can. But if you will ask my personal reason Being a GM here will be the first time of my life to become a GM in RO Environment so its like a New Challenge in my gaming life xD. But Seriously Speaking,, I ll say it if you will hire me You wont regret it 3:) and i m sure... you can count on me Like One two three i ll be there(Bruno Mars).

E-mail / MSN : kawow_xD@y.c( yahoo mail that i commonly used)

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9 MY GM APPLICATION on Thu Nov 08, 2012 4:19 pm



Name : Anthony Yano

In-Game Name : Yanzkie24

Age : 21

Country : Philippines

Languages : English, Tagalog

Gender : Male

Timezone : GMT+ 8

Days/Hours Available : 5/7

What sort of GM : Any Kinds of GM staff

Experience : I Played RO Since My High School Days Until Now I still like playing it., It's like my addiction, I played Many RO Server and I can share my knowledge to others especially to those who needed help/asking question.. I mostly know the GM commands cause i have Beginner eAthena where i can practice my scripting and to develope the server.. Expected my 99.9% cooperation to my Leaders, Loyalty, Honesty and Lastly Hard Working....

Why :I like to be a Gm to learn on how they run a server, how they make the Players to play the server, to Learn how they fixing bugged items or wrong script.. I want to explore more my knowledge by listining to my leaders what to do? And Know what to do if example the server encounter problems/errors..

E-mail / MSN : melo_anthony213@y.c my FB/YM

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10 GM APPLICATION FORM: on Fri Nov 09, 2012 5:20 am


Name : Audrey Dale
In-Game Name : Cassidy

Age : 17

Country : Philippines

Languages : English, Tagalog, Japanese

Gender : Female

Timezone : GMT + 8

Days/Hours Available : 5-8/ (always online simula pagkagising hanggang pagkatulog. XD)

What sort of GM : Any, Event, Helper and Support GM are good to me.

Experience : I know Ragnarok since I was 12 years old and it was the Ragnarok Online Philippines was the famous server in those days. I really like this online game than any other MMPORG games. I know a lot of commands because my cousin and I have an offline server of ragnarok last few years ago. I still have the list of the commands for GM. I'm willing to learn other commands if that is required.

Why : I want to be a GM because I want to make the players to have fun in this server. I want them to know that this is a friendly and exciting server. Some of the new players are always asking for events and they're asking if there's a GM online. They are asking where to get some quest items and other questions about the server. That's why I want to help this server and that's the reason why I want to be a GM. Smile
E-mail / MSN : audrey_barangan@y.c

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11 Re: GM Application Form on Sat Nov 10, 2012 3:36 pm


Name : Steven Andrej Cebujano Victoriano

In-Game Name : MiMi

Age : 18

Country : Philippines

Languages : English, Filipino

Gender : Male

Timezone : GMT + 8

Days/Hours Available : 4/6( Hours a day )

What sort of GM : Support GM or Helper GM

Experience : When It comes to experience, I cannot boast something too much. I had a experience once as a GM from a different game probably also in a private server too. I had also a experience once as a Helper in a Ro Private server also, stayed there for long because of helping in-game players by answering their questions,queries sort of like that.

Why : I want to be a GM because I want to try out new things. Seriously speaking, (or typing I guess.lol) I don't have a strong experience when it comes to being a GM. But they say, first times are one of the best experiences and I am very open and very willing to learn. If given a chance to be GM in this server, It would be a great honor for me and thankful at the same because It can help me gain some new experience and also gain some new friends probably in-game and outside the game. Smile. Any kinds of GM position that will be given to me, I would accept it humbly and whole-kindheartedly and any positions would be given to me I'm very cool about that and I'm glad to accept that.Smile I'm open to new ideas and suggestions that will be imparted to me if it will benefit me as a GM on this server and also as a person. And as a GM to this server, I would do my best to do my duty, help other players, and treat everyone fair and square. Surprised

E-mail / MSN : andreiimyx17 @ gmail.com

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12 GM Application Form. on Sat Dec 08, 2012 11:36 am



Name : Ulysses H. Teofisto II

In-Game Name : Nocturnal

Age : 16

Country : Manila, Philippines.

Languages : Able to speak Decent English, Filipino and Little bit Spanish and French.

Gender : Male

Timezone : GMT+ 8 (Greenwich Mean Time+

Days/Hours Available : Hmm it depends? Weekdays 6 hours (till Midnight) Weekend and Holidays 12 to 17 Hours a day

What sort of GM : Any Position except Developer. >.< I am Experienced GM for like 2 years.

Experience : Hmm I'm playing ragnarok since 2005. Started in Ragnarok Philippines. then year 2008 I Started playing Different PRIVATE RAGNAROK ONLINE and I Became a GM for 2 years in 2 Different Server. I also Became a FORUM MODERATOR for like 1 year. So lets just say that I know everything about Ragnarok (Not all, like 90 to 97% only)

Why : I wanna make the Server MORE active, invite MORE players, Help my Co GM's and Admin. Help newbies. I wanna share my knowledge and my Experience of being a Player, Game Master and MOD. Make the Server more interesting.
and I wanna help the server to become the TOP 1 Ragnarok Private server in every Private server site. I will do my best to be the Not the perfect gm but to be the Funniest, Happiest, Coolest, Deadliest GM that you ever had. About the Abuse of power? I can make or Suggest a ULTRASUPERDUPER Security About the Commands of Game Master or Assistant Game Master to Remove the ABUSE OF POWER Sentence here in Gravy RO. I will not expect if my Application will be Choose by Admin. Ill just wait for the Respond of Admins here. if i didnt make it, then atleast I shared some of my Information.

E-mail / MSN : ulysses1397@ yahoo . com (YM and Ymail)

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